GESPIN 2023 - Poster session 1, September 14

Last update: September 6, 2023

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Poster Authors Title Video Floor
1 Albert Giberga, Alfonso Igualada, Nadia Ahufinger, Mari Aguilera, Ernesto Guerra and Nuria Esteve-Gibert The role of prosody and gesture in on-line pragmatic processing in children with Developmental Language Disorder 1
2 Marlijn ter Bekke, Linda Drijvers and Judith Holler Do listeners use speakers’ iconic gestures to predict upcoming words? 1
3 Annika Schiefner, Pamela Perniss and Gerardo Ortega Iconicity in concrete and abstract concepts: A cross-linguistic comparison of silent gestures and signs 1
4 Lara Pearson Addressee Gestures in Karnatak Vocal Lessons: Multimodal Interaction in a Music Pedagogic Context 1
5 Marina Cantarutti A multimodal interactional-linguistic study of (Oh) (My) (G-word) interjections at sequence boundaries 1
6 Maciej Karpiński, Ewa Jarmolowicz-Nowikow, Wojciech Laskowski and Katarzyna Klessa Culture-specific differences in multimodal aspects of political speeches 1
7 Alexander Henlein, Andy Lücking, Mevlüt Bagci and Alexander Mehler Towards grounding multimodal semantics in interaction data with N.N. 1
8 Chiara Mazzocconi, Vladislav Maraev and Christine Howes Multimodal face-managing: “Be polite by all means!” 1
9 Fanny Catteau and Marion Blondel Pause and hold in LSF: how to control one's gestural fluency? 1
10 Carl Vogel, Maria Koutsombogera, Anais Claire Murat, Zohreh Khosrobeigi and Xiaona Ma Gestural Linguistic Context Vectors Encode Gesture Meaning 1
11 Shreejata Gupta, Clément François and Isabelle Dautriche Longitudinal development of multimodal gesture sequences as early markers of cognitive empathy in preverbal infants 1
13 Schuyler Laparle Moving past the lexical affiliate with a frame-based analysis of gesture meaning 2
14 Cristina-Ioana Galusca, Kayden Stockwell and Sweta Kaman Cultural Markers: The Role of Gesture in Identifying In- and Out-Group Members 2
15 Léa Chevrefils, Aliyah Morgenstern, Pauline Beaupoil‐hourdel, Diane Bedoin, Stéphanie Caët, Claire Danet, Charlotte Danino, Sophie de Pontonx and Christophe Parisse Coordinating eating and languaging: the choreography of speech, sign, gesture and action in family dinners 2
16 Kirsty Green, Chloe Osei-Cobbina, Marcus Perlman and Sotaro Kita Infants can create different types of iconic gestures, with and without parental scaffolding Link 2
17 Wim Pouw, Lara S. Burchardt and Luc Selen Postural and muscular effects of upper-limb movements on voicing 2
18 Xin Zhang, Xue-Ke Song and Wing-Chee So Examining Phenotypical Heterogeneity and its Underlying Factors in Gesture Skills of Chinese Autistic Children: Clustering Analysis 2
19 Yating Cao and Hua Chen The Coordination between Beat Gestures and Prosodic Prominence in Chinese EFL Learners’ Academic Oral Presentation 2
20 Jiahao Yang and Sotaro Kita AME: The Autonomous Multimodal Experiment System 2
21 Cora Jirschik Caron, Coriandre Vilain, Jean-Luc Schwartz, Jacqueline Leybaert and Cécile Colin The integration of Cued-Speech (CS) cues to speech sounds and the effect of multimodal CS cues perception on speech-in-noise understanding in profound hearing-impaired adults 2
22 Madeleine Long, Aslı Özyürek and Paula Rubio-Fernández Psychological proximity guides multimodal communication 2
23 Jule Nabrotzky, Gilbert Ambrazaitis, Margaret Zellers and David House Temporal alignment of manual gestures’ phase transitions with lexical and post-lexical accentual F0 peaks in spontaneous Swedish interaction 2
24 Sharice Clough, Melissa Duff and Sarah Brown-Schmidt Using Gesture to Resolve Referential Ambiguity During Online Language Processing: Differential Effects of Masking and Noise 2