GESPIN 2023 - Poster session 2, September 14

Last update: September 14, 2023

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Poster Authors Title Video Floor
25 Ezgi Mamus, Laura J. Speed, Gerardo Ortega, Asifa Majid and Aslı Özyürek Visual experience influences silent gesture productions across semantic categories 1
26 Marlijn ter Bekke, Linda Drijvers and Judith Holler Gestures speed up responses to questions Link 1
27 Niilo Valtakari, Ignace Hooge, Chantal Kemner and Roy Hessels The role of the parent in infant turn following and anticipation 1
28 Anika van der Klis, Frans Adriaans and Rene Kager Infants’ gesture-speech combinations elicit more verbal and multimodal responses from caregivers during early play 1
29 Nasim Mahdinazhad Sardhaei, Marzena Zygis and Hamid Sharifzadeh Communication in restricted situations: the use of orofacial expressions in different speech modes and when wearing a face mask 1
30 Christoph Rühlemann, Alexander Ptak and Gustavo Kozma Gesture expressivity and emotional resonance in storytelling interaction 1
31 Poppy Siahaan and Gede Primahadi Wijaya Rajeg Multimodal language use in Indonesian: Recurrent gestures associated with negation Link 1
32 Stamatina Rozou and Marianne Gullberg Manual gestures of agreement in Greek conversation: The role of gender and familiarity 1
33 Emanuela Campisi, Anita Slonimska and Asli Özyürek Cross-linguistic differences in the use of iconicity as a communicative strategy 1
34 Victoria Reshetnikova, Roy Hessels and Aoju Chen Combining Manual and Automated Gesture Annotation: a Case Study 1
35 Guillaume Stern On Embodied Use of Recognitional Demonstratives 1
36 Mingtong Li, Suzanne Aussems and Sotaro Kita The Role of Iconic Gesture Speed in Verb Comprehension for 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, and Adults 2
37 Letizia Volpin, Amandine Ballestraz, Salomé Schwob and Katrin Skoruppa Gesture repertoire and early pragmatic skills predict first vocabulary independently in infants exposed to one or more language 2
38 Renia Lopez-Ozieblo Is personality reflected in hand gestures co-occurring with speech? 2
39 Kazuki Sekine and Tomoha Kajikawa Does the spatial distribution of a speaker's gaze and gesture impact on a listener's comprehension of discourse? 2
40 Kotryna Motiekaitytė, Oxana Grosseck, Luisa Wolf, David Peeters, Marcus Perlman, Gerardo Ortega Hans-Rutger Bosker, and Limor Raviv Multimodality in Novel Communication Systems: a Virtual Reality Approach 2
41 Christina Piot What do co-speech gestures tell us about conceptualization? The case of caused motion events 2
42 Xin Zhang, Xue-Ke Song and Wing-Chee So The Development of Gesture Skills in Chinese Autistic Children: The Predictive Roles of Age and Language Ability 2
43 Noor Seijdel, Sara Mazzini and Linda Drijvers !CANCELLED! The amount of environmental noise in a listener’s living environment affects how much a listener benefits from gestures in degraded speech 2
44 Frederic Marmel, Petra Herrlin, Florian Wolters and Karolina Smeds Recurrence analysis of head movements to explore the influence of hearing loss on group conversation dynamics 2
45 Peter Uhrig, Elinor Payne, Irina Pavlova, Ilya Burenko, Nathan Dykes, Mary Baltazani, Evie Burrows, Scott Hale, Philip Torr and Anna Wilson Studying Time Conceptualisation via Speech, Prosody, and Hand Gesture: Interweaving Manual and Computational Methods of Analysis 2
46 Mengru Han and Yan Gu Having a different point: A cross-linguistic study of Chinese and Dutch mothers’ pointing behaviour during shared-book reading 2
47 Laura Peiró-Márquez and Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuñano Exploring speech-gesture synchronization in speed description in French 2